Provide support to corporate and personal  clients , which have computer equipment technology  and electronics devices, given  effective solutions  for  “hardware” or “software” like servers, desktops Computers, laptops, Networking, Internet,  security cameras  video games Xbox 360, Play station 3, Playstation 4,  Video and TV, iphone, Ipad, Smarthphones, printing high-low and medium range, mobile &web application development, and general purpose, administration of Databases and cloud services..

To this end we integrate highly qualified professional staff, reliable suppliers, and efficiency processes.



For  the year 2020 be recognized as a leader in the provision of  electronics support and services for computers and  electronics devices  in the state of  florida,USA,  and other states, Through the hard and constant effort and process improvement and strategic alliances with companies and investors engaged in marketing and selling the same mission



Computronics was founded in 1997 as a result of entrepreneurship and idea of his  creator WILLIAM RODRIGUEZ CARDOZO, who detected a business opportunity in this area, after having worked for companies such as PHILIPS, IBM, COMPULOGIC, SMARTHCOMPUTERS and others.

He, is a professional graduated, in  careers information systems and electronics, the course which culminated successfully, he has an experience of 17 years and more than 1800 clients served, in the  same areas ,your  experience is currently pillar in the creation and development of solutions for technology equipments.